Quality Passenger Shuttles For Hassle-Free Group Travel Needs

38 Passenger Shuttles

Are you looking for a better group travel solution? We can assist you in saving time, reducing travel-related stress, and offering the utmost convenience for your journey from point A to point B. We provide countless groups with transportation logistics throughout Charleston. Our full-sized 38-passenger shuttles are perfect for large traveling groups anywhere in Charleston! It will let you stay comfortable on short-distance or long-distance trips. It’s useful for a lot of things, such as

Hassle-Free sporting events transfer

Do you struggle with transporting your sports team to and from games? It can be challenging to fit an entire roster with coaching and training staff into one vehicle when it’s time to hit the road. At Coastal Motorcoach, we can easily solve any problems you may encounter during your group transfer.

38 Passenger Shuttle Bus

We work with both amateur and professional sports teams and strive to provide them with an exceptional riding experience. Our clean and spacious transportation solutions are perfect for teams of any size, including our 38-passenger shuttles. Additionally, if your team has a lot of equipment that needs to be transported efficiently and safely, we can handle that too.

Hassle-Free wedding

Are you planning a wedding or a quirky gathering in Charleston? Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but we are at your back. Planning transportation for your wedding guests can be stressful. Let us help! At Coastal Motorcoach, we offer better transportation solutions for weddings, and our 38-passenger shuttle service makes it ease. Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to assist you in selecting the perfect fleet for your big day. Don’t waste time searching for parking or waiting for a ride share driver – book with us and enjoy a stress-free wedding transportation experience.

We have a vehicle that accommodates all of your guests and moves to the wedding, reception venue, and safely leaves them back to their homes or hotel. Get ready and arrive at the venue with your wedding party while your photographer captures candid shots. Take a break at a picturesque spot for formal pictures before heading to the ceremony venue. Avoid the hassle of finding a designated driver or ordering a ride share and enjoy a stress-free ride with your new spouse.

Hassle-Free Corporate trip

Time is money and it is more appropriate for corporate people. For them, a prompt passenger shuttle service is a crucial investment. Are you or your colleagues headed to Charleston for a corporate event, or any other business event, our team is here to help. Let us coordinate dedicated corporate passenger shuttles for your group to and from the venue, your hotel, and even sightseeing attractions along the way. We have access to quality buses that we often dispatch to our clients in two hours or less. We can arrange for your driver to arrive before your departure if you schedule in advance.

38 Passenger Party Bus

Planning an off-site training session or company day trip can be overwhelming for groups of over 10 employees. Take the pressure off with a motorcoach rental and the services of a professional driver. While they focus on navigation and parking, you can spend time with your coworkers on the way to your destination.

Hassle-Free School Events

It is essential to have dependable group transportation to accommodate your students during major school events. School events can involve a wide range of group sizes, we are obligated to offer a variety of options to you. We can provide you with 56-passenger charter buses or 36-passenger shuttle buses for a field trip. Transports booked with us are furnished with state-of-the-art innovation and industry-driving plans. We review all transports for security and work with the best drivers in the calling. It’s important to know that your kids are in good hands when they travel! We go to the optimum lengths to ensure that they are safe.


The entire booking process with us takes an average of 5 minutes. Our back end executives will guide you in choosing the perfect bus. We’ll ensure that you have the right size bus at the right time & place, and all within your budget.

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