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You train hard to ensure your players are ready to go come game day, so getting there shouldn’t be half the battle. Our college athletics' motor coaches offer an upgraded feel, safety, and some downtime for your players to prepare before the game. When you let us do the driving, your players will arrive rejuvenated and ready to give it their all.

Athletics Motorcoach

Never Worry About Having to Forfeit!

You have practiced so hard and are pumped up for your best performance - the last thing that you want is a breakdown that will hurt your rankings, not to mention put you in danger. We are not only committed to providing the highest-quality and most thorough maintenance checks on all of our vehicles before we commission them; we also have a staff mechanic who has a strict protocol to go from bumper to bumper before you head out, so there is no chance that a mechanical error will put you, your students, or your rankings in jeopardy!

Not Just About Head Room - You Don’t Travel Light!

Having a lot of head room and leg space is a real advantage, but not when you have your stuff piled high in the seat next to you or even on your lap. All of our motor coaches have all the compartment space that you need under the bus! And to house backpacks, personal belongings, and those things that you might need while in transit, we have overhead storage so you can get to what you need, when you need it! For bands, you probably don’t want to sit side-by-side with your wind instrument - our storage offers enough room for the strings, winds, and percussion!

Let Us Do the Driving So You Can Keep Your Head in the Game

Your journey to the game should be focused on rallying the troops so that they are motivated, pumped, and ready for play. That requires you to keep your head in the game. While you put together a winning game plan, we take care of the stress of getting to the playing field on time. Simply hand us your itinerary, and we will take care of everything from start to finish. We monitor things like traffic, construction, and weather conditions before heading out so that time is accounted for. That way, there is no risk that you have to be in a hurry to get on the field.

Athletics Motorcoach

Long Trips Can Be Stressful

For college athletics, the road to a visitor’s team can be long and tiresome. Our motor coaches are designed to allow your athletics space to stretch out, relax, and go over the plays that will be critical to your victory. Our comfort puts them at ease, so all anyone has to focus on is visualizing their winning performance. We know what is really stressful: having to pull over ten times for bathroom breaks! But we can keep the ride moving because there is a lavatory on all of our motor coaches!

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